'Intelligent discontent is the mainspring of civilization.' -- Eugene V. Debs

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Bogeyman Rove Rides Again 

Via Cursor, I saw this post by Philo in which he says that he has "a sinking feeling" the Republicans will win in November because of the evil genius of their nihilistic strategy in which words are never connected to reality -- now that Karl Rove is focused solely on politics again, etc.

In my opinion Philo's sinking feeling might well be accurate but, you know, I'm sorry but this whole Karl Rove as Mephistopheles routine is getting a little bit stale. It reminds me of the recent little commented upon report that the US military has been, surprise, surprise, purposely overplaying Zarqawi's significance in Iraq: at this point, if Karl Rove didn't exist the Democrats would have to invent him. If the Democrats fail to take the House and Senate this year they have precisely one group of politicians to blame and it isn't the Republicans.

Karl Rove just is not responsible for, say, Hillary Clinton's position regarding America's most unpopular foreign war since Vietnam. It is incomprehensible to me that a single Democrat, much less a leading contender for the Democratic ticket in 2008, would not be for immediate withdrawal. It is incomprehensible to me that being pro-impeachment is still considered a fringe position and that, without being laughed out of town, Republicans can still plant stories in the press claiming talk of impeachment and censure play in their favor. Such claims are a bad joke -- they remind me of Rove's statements to the effect that the Democratic opponent that he wanted to see in the last election was Howard Dean.

You have a president with a popularity similar to Nixon's deep in Watergate. You've had the Vice President's top guy step down in scandal. Loads of Republican financial scandals, the absolutely insane response to Katrina, etc., etc., fucking etc. -- it's silly at this point to even spell it all out. Simply put what I notice isn't a "sinking feeling", I feel a change in the winds -- the Bush era is over; he has been revealed to the general population to be what the left has always known him to be. It's going to take real work for the Democrats to screw this up, but, you know, nothing is impossible.

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