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Sunday, July 09, 2006

A Greg Saunders' Post from Half a Year Ago That I've been Meaning to Bitch About and Related Matters 

It was pretty funny how long it took liberals to realize that Cindy Sheehan was not one of them... See, for example, Greg Saunders' bewilderment in arguably the worst post ever to appear anywhere near Tom Tomorrow's name. What the hell is she thinking, Greg? -- She's thinking that she's a socialist, dumbass.

Anyway, it's nice to see that Sheehan isn't interested in placating the sort of people who perpetually feature a top post that begins, "Michael Kinsley has a great article at Slate about..." On thursday, Sheehan just told some twit on Fox Lite that she would rather live under Chavez than under Bush: (from here)

O'DONNELL: But why go stand side-by-side by Hugo Chavez in Venezuela? Why do that? I mean, it sounds like that -- would you rather live under Hugo Chavez than George Bush?

SHEEHAN: Yes. You know, Hugo Chavez is not a dictator like you introduced him. He's been democratically elected eight times, and he's not anti-American.

O'DONNELL: Saddam Hussein was democratically elected.

SHEEHAN: Yeah, hold on a second. He is not anti-American. He has helped the poor people of America. He has sent aid to New Orleans. He has sold heating oil to disadvantaged people in America, in the United States of America at low cost, and he -- the people of his country love him, and for us to say that we have some kind of influence over Venezuelan policy is wrong.

The people of Venezuela have elected him overwhelmingly eight times, and it's his country, and it's their country and they should have the leader that they deserve, that they want.

Good times, good times.

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