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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Some Vacation Questions 

I'm currently on vacation for the holiday, and probably won't be able to post again until the weekend, but I leave you with some questions to ponder: First, there is extensive media coverage of a growing consensus to temporarily send 20,000 more troops to Iraq to suppress the insurgency until the Iraqi government can purportedly take control of the situation. Of course, we all know that in this conflict, temporary rapidly becomes permanent. Is this why people voted for the Democrats? To, with a major exception to be noted momentarily, stand by silently as the war is escalated? And, if so, what does it say about the functionality of the US political system?

Second, I don't see cable news very often, I only pay for basic cable at home, but, yesterday, Charles Rangel was all over, on CNN, on FOX, promoting his pet proposal for a draft, designed, he claims, to make it more difficult for leaders to take the US to war. Does anyone other than Rangel believe such nonsense? And, why isn't Rangel just talking about getting the troops out of Iraq, and back to the US, instead of creating the legal authority for the government to draft people? Am I the only person who believes that a bill authorizing a draft actually could pass within the framework of an escalation of US threats against the Iranian nuclear program, providing the government with the power to immediately order large numbers of people into combat if war erupted? Again, is this why people voted for the Democrats, to have a prominent leader in the House push a bill for a draft which would, contrary to what he says, actually facilitate more aggressive US military operations around the world?

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