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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

State of the Suckiness... 

Don't have a lot of comments on the Bush speech ... same old crap. The Democratic response was actually more interesting. Billmon had an interesting post up a few weeks ago about Webb's populism. Whiskey Bar is still down, probably permanently down, so here it is on an aggregator (scroll down to "Comrade Webb")

Other than that, all I have to add is that the Democrat talking heads should stop giving Bush a free pass on portraying the puppet government of Iraq as totally benign. There was a point in Bush's speech in which he mentioned Iran's influence over Iraq's Shi'ite death squads and Shi'ite militias. One wishes someone would bring up the Maliki administration's influence over Iraq's Shi'ite death squads and, you know, the extent to which the new Iraqi army is a Shi'ite militia.

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