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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

From the Sidelines 

Fortunately, I'm a secular leftist, enabling me to avoid having to rationalize, or otherwise engage, these sorts of embarassments:

Protestant churches yesterday reacted with dismay to a new declaration approved by Pope Benedict XVI insisting they were mere "ecclesial communities" and their ministers effectively phonies with no right to give communion.

Benedict issued this pronouncement just days after removing restrictions on the use of the traditional Catholic mass:

Jewish leaders and community groups criticised Pope Benedict XVI strongly yesterday after the head of the Roman Catholic Church formally removed restrictions on celebrating an old form of the Latin mass which includes prayers calling for the Jews to 'be delivered from their darkness' and converted to Catholicism.

All in a week's work for a Pope that has already denied the history of the Church's brutalities in the Americas, and sought to conceal the Church's practice of using violence to convert people in the Middle Ages by attributing it solely to Islam.

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