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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

But What If It Was Bush? 

Every now and then, we see this sort of story coming out of Venezuela, and the US media cooperatively portrays it as just another example of Chavez's looniness, one of the perpetual themes in US coverage of him:

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez said on Wednesday CNN may have been instigating his murder when the U.S. TV network showed a photograph of him with a label underneath that read "Who killed him?"

The caption appeared to be a production mistake -- confusing a Chavez news item with one on the death of a football star. The anchor said "take the image down" when he realized.

But Chavez called for a probe in an interview on state television, where he repeatedly reviewed a tape of the broadcast, questioning why the unconnected photograph and wording were left on screen for several seconds.

"I want the state prosecutor to look into bringing a suit against CNN for instigating murder in Venezuela," he said. "... undoubtedly it is part of the psychological warfare."

The anti-U.S. president often denounces plots to kill him without providing much detailed evidence. On Tuesday, he said a sniper trained his gun on him at a political rally this month.

Yes, that paranoid, crazy Hugo. But, what if we turned this around, what if CNN ran a photograph of Bush with the same caption? Of course, the Secret Service would just laugh it off as a production mistake, another example of the incompetents that run CNN.

I don't think so. Consider what happened to Barry Reingold, when he committed the faux pax of comparing Bush to Bin Laden, and A. J. Brown, a first year student at Durham Tech University who had a unflattering poster of Bush in her apartment.

That's right, Brown received a visit from the Secret Service because of a poster inside her apartment. So, it is pretty safe to say that Secret Service might respond pretty aggressively to a broadcast of Bush like the one of Chavez in Venezuela. It is also pretty safe to say that the Secret Service displays more paranoia than Chavez. After all, Bush hasn't been the target of a coup attempt supported by Bush and reported favorably by US media outlets like CNN.

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