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Monday, March 10, 2008

Playing to the Racism of American Feminists 

UPDATE: Gaius provides his perspective, based upon his good memory when it comes to Democratic Party politics. Yes, Ferraro was a classic instance of the Peter Principle in action, someone who rose far beyond their capabilities, which renders her insulting remarks about Obama especially ironic. Oh, you want to know why some updates are posted separately, why others are not? Generally, the lengthier ones got separate post treatment, while shorter ones don't. And, then, of course, there's always the whim of the blogger.

INITIAL POST: No doubt, Ishmael Reed is not surprised. If African American men are not sinister threats, they are the recipients of opportunities to which they are otherwise not entitled, opportunities that come at the expense of others, in this instance, a white woman. African American women get it, too, even if Gloria Steinem doesn't.

I guess I shouldn't be shocked that Geraldine Ferraro said it, after all, Italian Americans and African Americans have historically gotten along so well in New York City. You just get the impression that some of the white female supporters of the Clintons believe that it would be an honor for Obama to drive Hillary around.

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