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Monday, April 14, 2008


Another article about the misogynistic treatment of Hillary Clinton that just can't seem to find any space to mention her vote to authorize the President to attack Iraq, her vote for to list Iran's Republican Guard as a terrorist organization, an act that, by itself, could be cited by Bush to justify an attack there as well, and her prodigious fundraising success with defense contractors. For the women interviewed, it seems, the lives of Iraqis and Iranians, regardless of gender, aren't very politically very important, being mostly Muslims and all.

Or, maybe, these women assume that all of us are militarists? Or, perhaps, the author cherrypicked the quotes to fit the story that she wanted to publish? That's always a strong possibility.

Oops, there is a brief throwaway reference to Clinton's support for the Iraq war in the last paragraph, after much handwringing and dismay as to the undercurrent of misogyny that the women interviewed perceive in relation to the excitement generated by Obama. It is, after all, essential that such subjects be placed in the appropriate context.

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