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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Mass Murderers Welcome? 

Last year, Tony Blair converted to Catholicism, and there is now a rumor that Bush may do so as well.

Of course, the Vatican is cautiously optimistic about the prospect:

The notion was given extra mileage by the fact that the President's brother Jeb, the former governor of Florida, converted to Catholicism on marrying his wife Columba, a Mexican.

The Vatican differs from the White House on immigration and the death penalty but on other issues including stem cell research, gay marriage and abortion there has been, as the Catholic daily L'Avvenire put it, "total harmony."

Cardinal Pio Laghi, the papal envoy to the White House, said: "Bush believes in the values of the Church and his brother is a convert."

Are we to take this to mean that killing a million Iraqis and turning millions of other Iraqis into refugees is consistent with the values of the Catholic faith? Thou shalt not kill unless one has been a Prime Minister of Britain or a President of the United States? Apparently, as long as they limit their violence to Arabs and Muslims, the Church has no problem with it.

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