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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Another Air Strike on a Wedding Party in Afghanistan 

From antiwar.com:

Afghan officials and local residents say that a US air strike struck an Afghan wedding party on Monday, killing at least 40 civilians and wounding 28 others (including the bride). The strike occurred in the Shah Wali Kot district of Kandahar Province. Reporters on the scene say that villagers are still search the debris for survivors, and the toll is expected to rise even further.

Another report from the Globe and Mail states:

Survivors of the attacks, which occurred in the village of Wech Baghtu in the district of Shah Wali Kowt on Monday evening, said the majority of the dead and injured were women – the bombs struck while male and female wedding guests were segregated, as is customary in Kandahar province.

They said the bodies of at least 36 women have been identified, and hundreds more men and women have been injured. Local leaders have yet to establish a firm casualty count because many of the victims remain buried beneath rubble, said Abdul Hakim Khan, a tribal elder from the district.

Poor Afghans. Has no one told them that they are going to pay for the new dawn of progressivism in America? As for why this continues to happen, please consider my August 4, 2008 post entitled People in White. It provides a partial explanation as why the US military invariably directs its firepower against non-combatants.

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