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Saturday, October 10, 2009

A Gold Medal in Obama Sycophancy 

Apparently, according to the author, despite escalating the wars in Afghanistan and Pakistan, and despite moving forward with the increased militarization of Central and South America through Plan Mexico and Plan Colombia, with a substantially increased US military presence there, Obama's Nobel Peace Prize is justified because the positive perception of the US around the world has increased dramatically since he took office. For those of us incapable of acknowledging it, the author describes us, in quite sophisticated fashion, as haters. Maybe, the committee will award the prize to Hill & Knowlton next year.

If one is insistent upon trying to discern a rational reason for the honor, don't dismiss the possibility that the committee presented it to Obama to discourage him from launching airstrikes against Iran. It would be rather embarrassing for a recipient to do something like that, now wouldn't it? Alternatively, the committee, with its Eurocentric orientation, may actually consider the violent actions of the US and NATO in the Middle East and Central Asia as an effort to promote peace, so, to the extent that Obama is successfully relegitimizing this effort, his achievements are, from the perverse perspective of the committee, achievements justifying the award. In any event, I think we have just experienced the high water mark of Obama glorification. Anyone with the slightest understanding of what has transpired since he became President knows that the award is ludicrous.

As for me, I'm launching my campaign for a Nobel Prize in Literature today. Of course, I haven't published anything, but I'm not letting that deter me. If you have a similar inclination, please, as a courtesy to me, direct your efforts towards a Nobel in science, medicine or economics. There are more than enough to go around.

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