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Monday, May 31, 2010

Report: Israel Kills 16 Gaza Aid Flotilla Activists 

UPDATE 2: An appeal for political action by Caoimhe Butterly:

And, here in Northern California, Code Pink has announced a protest at the Israeli consulate in San Francisco later today:

Gaza Flotilla Emergency Response: San Francisco

Emergency Protest at 12noon. Israeli Consulate and march to Union Square, Memorial Day. Please be there! Bring your own sign!

Israeli Consulate
456 Montgomery St.
San Francisco, CA 94104

Six ships with the Free Gaza Flotilla en route to Gaza to deliver humanitarian aid were attacked by IDF commandos, killing at least 10 people and injuring 50. The Flotilla carries 700 passengers from 50 different countries along with reconstruction, medical and school supplies. Protests are planned in Istanbul, New York, Cairo, Toronto, Belfast, Houston, Chicago and Dublin.

For more info:

UPDATE 1: Richard Seymour of Lenin's Tomb:

By the logic of Israel, any abridgment of its right to murder Palestinians constitutes an act of antisemitism, an existential attack on the Jewish people, whom they represent by proxy. Its job, then, is to do whatever it deems fit in discouraging and punishing said 'antisemites' while aggressively retailing whatever they do to an increasingly hostile world which, at any rate, they insist is driven by exterminationist antisemitism anyway. If the two ends - the violent preservation of Israeli supremacy in the Middle East, and the global PR - increasingly come into conflict, this is only because of a 'new antisemitism', not because of anything Israel actually does.

INITIAL POST: As reported by aljazeera. Meanwhile, Haaretz and the Times of London report 10 dead. Other reports say only 2 dead. By tomorrow morning here on the west coast, we will surely know more. But people in Turkey, the country from which the flotilla originated, aren't waiting before taking action. Meanwhile, we can be certain that the US will continue to focus on North Korea.

Max Ajl of Jewbonics, who is currently living in Gaza, has provided some background on the flotilla and the hysteria that it provoked within Israel here and here. Apparently, Israel believed that if the flotilla successfully broke the blockade, Turkey would have permanently broken the siege of Gaza.

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