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Thursday, June 03, 2010

Facebook: A Social Networking Site for Zionist Assassins 

UPDATE: Zuabi's reception in the Knesset

INITIAL POST: From the Guardian:

While other activists from the Gaza aid flotilla have returned home, one is left facing death threats and abuse in Israel. Haneen Zuabi, a Palestinian member of the Israeli Knesset who was aboard the Mavi Marmara, is now under armed protection after nearly 500 people signed up to a Facebook page calling for her execution.

During a heated parliamentary session yesterday Zuabi was sworn at and then shoved out of the chamber amid shouts of Go to Gaza, traitor.

The 41-year-old member of the Arab nationalist party Balad has also received death threats by phone and mail. "I am not scared," she said, speaking from her home town of Nazareth in northern Israel. This is inherent here, it is not something that started yesterday. It is just harder and harsher now.

Amazing. Can you imagine what would happen in most other places if this happened? There would be a more assertive response than just placing the threatened individual under armed protection. And, does anyone know if Facebook has taken the page down or not?

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