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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Typical Davis 

I lived in Davis, California for a long time. I went about 20 miles across the causeway from Sacramento to attend the undergraduate program at UC Davis in 1979. Upon graduation from law school six years later, I stayed in the adjacent city until I moved back to Sacramento in 2005. During my time there, the population grew from about 30,000 to just over 50,000 today. There is one important thing about Davis that you need to know. Regardless of what you might think, there is no bigotry in Davis of any kind because there are always other explanations for acts that would be considered bigoted elsewhere, such as this ongoing campaign of harassment against the Islamic Center. My impression is that the first training that cops hired by the city go through is how to come up with alternative explanations for criminal acts motivated by racial and religious bigotry.

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