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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Occupy Wall Street Day of Action 

UPDATE 7 (11:26 PM PST): Marchers in Greece in support of Occupy Wall Street:

Note the lines of police officers on the right side of the picture.

UPDATE 6 (4:27 PM PST): The NYPD estimates over 32,000 people in the process of entering the Brooklyn Bridge and crossing over it. Marchers extend from one end of the bridge to the other as they walk along the median passageway between traffic going in both directions. There is a Twitter feed here that appears to be most current, along with the one at the Adbusters site. You can follow the march on the Channel 1 and Channel 2 ustreams of The Other 99. Connectivity can be difficult at times.

UPDATE 5 (2:25 PM PST): Foley Square is packed with approximately ten thousand people, with feeder marches from Broadway and elsewhere still en route, along with others travelling by subway.

UPDATE 4 (1;34 PM PST): On his blog, Greg Mitchell of The Nation reports that there is a large march from Union Square to Foley Square, a situation that he describes as a Wild scene-- thousands marching on streets, police cannot control. On The Other 99 ustream, protesters march down Broadway, with a long line of police and motorcycle cops alongside in the street. 50 unmarked police vehicles crossing in front of the march. Over 27000 people watching the ustream. The Other 99 says that the police know all about us.

UPDATE 3 (1:18 PM PST): An example of what has transpired during the subway action:

On a train bound for Times Square roughly a dozen demonstrators shared stories with their fellow passengers. A young woman named Molly described her work in low-income communities where people lack access to healthy food options. She described the dearth of nutritious options in a country of extreme wealth as an outrage. Twenty five year-old John explained to the passengers how he had been forced to move back in with his parents because he couldn't find a job; a move he described as a disgrace.

Looks like there were no arrests in Liberty Square.

UPDATE 2 (12:23 PM PST): Tweets that mass arrests at Liberty Square are imminent.

UPDATE 1 (11:59 PM PST): Subway actions will be underway momentarily by Occupy Wall Street with a subsquent gathering at Foley Square at 5pm EST for a march to take back our bridges. The protests have not been called to shut down the subway system, but to flood the stations and engage in outreach to commuters. By the way, the Guardian has a good live blog as well.

INITIAL POST (11:39 AM PST): Today is the Occupy Wall Street Day of Action. Chaotic scenes across Manhattan, with over 200 people arrested during various actions, including an attempt this morning to prevent the opening of the New York Stock Exchange. For updates, go here. There is also a livestream here, and a ustream from The Other 99 here. Both The Other 99 ustream and the livestream have over 27000 viewers. For a Twitter feed, go here. Police have kettled and assaulted protesters at one protest site in Manhattan, Liberty Square with reports of multiple victims. In one instance, cops chased down a man who was kicking the barricades and beat him bloody prior to arrest. Not surprisingly, reporters have been prohibited from covering the assault. A large crowd in the park remains with a heavy riot police presence. Clearly, the police have a strategy of trying to instigate a violent response from the crowds. In a most impressive display of restraint and deliberation, the people in the park are conducting an impromptu assembly to decide their next course of action. Apparently, Liberty Square has now been reopened.

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