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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Farewell, Alex, My Friend 

Jeffrey St. Clair informs us that Alexander Cockburn is dead at 71:

Our friend and comrade Alexander Cockburn died last night in Germany, after a fierce two-year long battle against cancer. His daughter Daisy was at his bedside.

Alex kept his illness a tightly guarded secret. Only a handful of us knew how terribly sick he truly was. He didn’t want the disease to define him. He didn’t want his friends and readers to shower him with sympathy. He didn’t want to blog his own death as Christopher Hitchens had done. Alex wanted to keep living his life right to the end. He wanted to live on his terms. And he wanted to continue writing through it all, just as his brilliant father, the novelist and journalist Claud Cockburn had done. And so he did. His body was deteriorating, but his prose remained as sharp, lucid and deadly as ever.

Cockburn, St. Clair and their online publication, Counterpunch, have played a prominent role in my social and political development. Cockburn's death is a great loss, and I will elaborate on my personal perspective sometime in the next few days.

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