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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

It's that time again 

Time to support antiwar.com during its quarterly fund drive. Yes, antiwar.com is libertarian instead of left, but for the reasons that I first presented back in 2006, it is still worthy of support, especially now as we face the possibility that liberals, having attained a slice of power, will abandon any efforts to pull the military out of Iraq and Afghanistan:

. . . I believe that it is very important that we support antiwar.com during its quarterly fund drive. Fund drives are always challenging, and it is easy to succumb to the temptation that a wealthy saviour will step forward at the last minute, as has appeared to have happened during previous antiwar.com drives. In this instance, we need to resist it, and show our appreciation for the most dynamic American anti-imperialist site on the Internet.

Admittedly, antiwar.com is not a leftist one, it is avowedly libertarian. I have substantial disagreements with the social and economic beliefs of the people who operate it. Even so, on the most important issue of our time, the expansion of the American empire through extreme violence and economic coercion, the people involved with antiwar.com are unequivocal and forthright in their opposition to it.

It is the portal to news articles and columns from around the world regarding the war in Iraq, the war on terror, a possible war in Iran and the perpetual attempt of the Israelis to colonize the entirety of Palestine. It has played an essential role in destroying the monopoly of information that the US media once possessed. No longer are we at the mercy of the New York Times, the Washington Post, CNN and, worst of all, FOX News.

The breath of news and commentary at antiwar.com is, quite simply, without peer. Ideologically, one finds the anarchist Noam Chomsky alongside Reaganite Paul Craig Roberts, the Tory Peter Oborne with Tom Engelhardt of The Nation Institute. Indispensable reports and analysis from Dahr Jamail, Aaron Glantz and Jorge Hirsch are readily available. Without antiwar.com, it would be much more difficult to readily access such disparate sources of information.

The thread tying them all together is the essential cause of creating a broad based coalition from right to left to resist the predations of the American empire, a cause that has become even more urgent as a consequence of neoconservative control over US foreign policy. The quarterly fund drive goes through this Sunday at midnight, but donations will, of course, be accepted at any time. . . For anyone else who is interested, please click here.

And, of course, war with Iran remains a real possibility. Times are tough, but it is essential that we preserve anti-imperialist voices like those found at antiwar.com. On a programming note, I hope to have a book review of Victor Serge's novel, Unforgiving Years, posted in the next couple of days.

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