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Thursday, June 09, 2011

Zionist Food Coop of Sacramento (Part 2) 

The saga continues. For those of you who read the linked article, you will discover that it describes activities reminscent of what transpired in regard to the attempted takeover of KPFA in the late 1990s. In both instances, the governing boards acted to concentrate power in themselves so as to render them unaccountable to anyone else. At KPFA, the Pacifica Board wanted to prepare the ground for selling the station, while, at the Sacramento Natural Foods Coop, the Board, fearful of allowing the members any opportunity to express their opinion on boycotting goods originating from Israel and the occupied territories, has destroyed the ability of members to implement socially progressive policies independent of the Board. Apparently, the defense of Zionism necessitates the evisceration of democratic institutions. Who knew? But, for now, Sacramento Natural Foods Coop members face a more troubling question: if they adopt a corporate governance model of operation, as proposed by the Board, why have a coop? Why not just initiate negotiations with Raley's for a sale of the business?

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