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Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Mass Occupy Action at UC Berkeley 

UPDATE 6 (November 10, 12:34 PM): Ongoing discussions in Sproul Plaza in advance of a general assembly scheduled for 6pm.

UPDATE 5: Photo of general assembly at UC Berkeley:

UPDATE 4 (November 10, 1:10 AM): There are about 1500 people left in the plaza. About half of them participated in the vote on the strike proposal. It passed the 90% threshold with 95% support.

UPDATE 3 (November 10, 12:36 AM): UC police say that 200 more officers have arrived, but no one has seen them. Meanwhile, assembly discussion has concluded in regard to a proposal for a systemwide UC strike on Tuesday, November 15th. People are breaking out into small groups of 20 to vote on it. It is, of course, expected to be approved overwhelmingly.

UPDATE 2 (November 10, 12:15 AM): Proposals now being submitted for a possible systemwide UC action, with attendant calls for solidarity. Crowd remarkably focused given the large number of people involved in this impromptu assembly.

UPDATE 1: In regard to my post earlier this evening about the proposal concerning the Black Bloc at the Occupy Oakland general assembly, which apparently allowed for a diversity of tactics, meaning property destruction outside of mass actions, there has been a report that it failed miserably, garnering just over 15% of the vote in a modified consensus process that requires 90% approval. For a more detailed presentation about what transpired during the discussion of this subject, as well as others addressed during the assembly, go here.

INITIAL POST (November 9, 10:54 PM):

OakFoSho's livestream is here. You can also follow at Occupy Oakland as well. OakFoSho reports 2000 to 3000 people, with more arriving from Occupy Oakland on BART. Others from Occupy Oakland, as well as people from Occupy San Francisco and Occupy Berkeley, are already there in a show of support. Apparently, the crowd in Sproul Plaza grew much larger after the second police attack upon the occupiers in the early evening. 39 people were arrested as a result of efforts to occupy the plaza earlier in the day. Right now, some Oakland Police Department and Alameda County Sheriff's Department officers are at the scene in addition to the UC police, but there are only 50 to 70 cops total. Meanwhile, occupy participants are forming groups of marshals in an attempt to prevent violence. There were rumors that Occupy Oakland was going to be raided, but that fear has ebbed. An estimated 30,000 people are watching the livestream all over the world.

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