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Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Livestream Occupy Oakland General Assembly 

UPDATE: The proposal concerning the Black Bloc, which apparently provided for a diversity of tactics, meaning property destruction outside of mass actions, was defeated as it only garnered 15% of the vote in a modified consensus process that requires 90%. For a more detailed presentation of what transpired during a discussion of this subject, as well as others addressed during the assembly, go here.

INITIAL POST: Large crowd of 700-800 people in attendance tonight under threat of police assault as previously directed toward occupiers at Occupy Cal earlier today. Black Bloc proposal under discussion now at 8:15 PM. The proposal states that people employing Black Bloc tactics should desist from engaging in property destruction and violence during mass actions as they did during the November 2nd general strike, but recognizes their possible utility of such activity in other situations. It also emphasizes that the street violence during the late evening hours of November 2nd and the early morning hours of November 3rd damaged local businesses that support Occupy Oakland. It looks like it is going to be an emotional discussion, but the participants seem good natured.

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