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Saturday, November 19, 2011

New Oakland Occupation Underway at 19th and Telegraph (5:19 PM PST) 

UPDATE 3 (November 20th, 10:09 AM PST): The Oakland Police Department removes the encampment without resistance, then closes off the park to the media as a crime scene. There is also an Occupy Oakland Twitter feed here. There is a report that the Snow Park encampment along Lake Merritt has been served with an eviction notice as well.

UPDATE 2 (6;05 PM PST): A live, long angle ustream here from ryanjarvinen. People are dancing to Sheila E. She don't need a man's touch. Without love, it ain't much. Whurring sounds of helicopters in the background. East Bay Express reporting over 500 people and 13 tents in the park.

UPDATE 1 (5:50 PM PST): Both tents and police helicopters are proliferating. Rumors of a police raid at Snow Park about a mile away on the shore of Lake Merritt.

INITIAL POST (5:19 PM PST): People have taken down the fences around the park at 19th and Telegraph and there are now about 2000 people inside the park. Loud new school soul is playing as part of the celebratory, dance party atmosphere. 3 Oakland police department helicopters are shining lights on the park. OakFoSho has a live ustream here. You can also keep track of events on Twitter here. Occupy Oakland brings MST style land seizures to the United States.

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