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Monday, November 14, 2011

Ustreams of Occupy Oakland General Assembly at Frank Ogawa Plaza (6:26 PM) 

UPDATE (6:23 PM): Participants in Occupy Oakland plan to meet tomorrow at 2:30 PM at 14th and Broadway to march to UC Berkeley in support the UC strike tomorrow. According to OccupyMills, there will be another attempt to establish an occupation on campus. Meanwhile, the UC Regents cancelled their planned Wednesday meeting in San Francisco. Occupy Oakland reporting that 2000 people are participating in the general assembly.

INITIAL POST (5:28 PM): Live ustreams by OccupyMills and BellaEiko of the attempt by Occupy Oakland to recover Frank Ogawa Plaza. Approximately 700 people on the march. The mood is festive. People being allowed to gather in the park and the amphitheater, possibly consistent with an earlier Oakland Police Department announcement that people would only be confronted if they sought to set up tents again. A general assembly is now getting underway in the amphitheater with four police helicopters overhead shining lights on the crowd. Motorcycle cops are circling the plaza and there are about 40 cops, some in riot gear, at the back of the park. The amphitheater appears to be full, and there is a discussion about developing a plan for an upcoming action. Apparently, there will be a mass action on Saturday, November 19th, with a Sutter Health facility in Oakland as one of the targets. The San Francisco Chronicle is now reporting that there were 1000 people on the march, but, consistent with the policy of this blog, no link will be provided. For more information, you can also follow the Twitter feed at Occupy Oakland. I frankly didn't anticipate so many people will respond to the call. I guess I shouldn't underestimate those involved with Occupy Oakland.

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