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Thursday, March 04, 2010

A Chaotic Day of Protest in California 

For more information, consider the following links:

Students and Education Workers Gear Up for March 4th (an indybay summary of student protests around California this week)

March 4 (updates posted throughout today by occupy california)

CSU Fullerton Occupied (Reclaimed)! (a report on the occupation of the Humanities building at UC Fullerton and the students explanation for this action)

Freeway Closure in Oakland (an article from the SF Gate)

Protests Throughout Southern California (an article from the Los Angeles Times)

CHP Officers Prevent Freeway Closure in Davis with Batons and Pellet Guns (an article from the Sacramento Bee)

March, Walkout, Rally and Sit-In at California State University, Fresno

The extent of the protests will only become known in the coming days. Meanwhile, according to the Times, a potentially large rally and march was anticipated at UCLA around 5:30pm.

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